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Genre: Christian Fiction; 
Mystery Paperback: 298 pages 
ISBN-10: 0692214968 
ISBN-13: 978-0692214961 

About the Author

Titus Pollard is a critically acclaimed Classical, Jazz & Gospel musician, educator, clinician, playwright, and actor. He is personally responsible for teaching some of the most renowned artisans of contemporary music. Some of his former students have been in the employ of Dr. Bobby Jones, Maynard Ferguson, the New York Repertory Theatre, Kelly Price, The Clark Sisters, The O’Jays, and the Morehouse Glee Club. His most recent projects include the novels Hell In The Choirstand and Living Right On Wrong Street. In addition to his writing, his most recent projects include his role as Rev. Cole in the film A Black Woman’s Guide to Getting Married (2008), the Gospel music CD Conversation with a Psalmist (2007), and the musical director of the stage play The Whole House (2008). He is probably best known for his world-renowned video instruction series Learn to Play Gospel Piano (1989 - Present). He has been featured in three editions of Jet magazine and BET television. He is currently the minister of music for Springfield Baptist Church, Raleigh NC.

About the book

There’s no battle like a spiritual one! In HELL IN THE CHOIRSTAND, Jeremiah David Day moves to the spiritually desolate city of Olds, Michigan. Jeremiah, an anointed Gospel musician, receives an invitation from Rev. Daniel Trantham, the pastor of Ezekiel Baptist Church, to become their minister of music. Ezekiel’s congregation welcomes Jeremiah as he goes to work establishing the music department as an army of worshippers, but Renard Singleton, the church organist, feels that Jeremiah is unnecessarily disturbing the natural order of things. Renard resents being overlooked for the music minister position, and enters into a spree of revenge against Jeremiah through botched choir rehearsals and petty squabbles with individual singers. Renard concentrates the majority of his activities, however, in the spiritual realm. Unbeknownst to Jeremiah, Renard is a member of the Society of Tyrus; a secretive, demonic cult of musicians with chapters (The Pentagrammatory) that span across the country. Renard prepares a series of musical spells and incantations; prescribed from their secret book (Codified Manual of Tyrus) whose origin dates back to the 9th century and believed to be inspired by Heaven’s (excommunicated) original chief musician, Lucifer. Renard’s intention – use music to erect confusion among God’s people through the worship services. Renard’s father, Adrian, attempts to dissuade his son’s scheme with the admission of a thirty year old family secret, but it’s to no avail. Equipped with the new information, Renard heightens his damnable acts – the planting of arcane devices in Bibles, morbid musical arrangements, and secular compositions that call for the eradication of the people of God. As the story progresses, the Tyrus Society’s annual DOA – a nationwide strategic confusion of church worship - is fast approaching, and Renard wants to be at the forefront of the movement. But God has sharpened Jeremiah’s weapon. A battle ensues as the two musicians take up arms; Jeremiah embraces the Lord while Renard clutches the Ras el-Ain. The result is a musical showdown amidst a worship service where human and instrumental voices unite to summon the ear of God and mobilize an angelic host. The Heavens are telling! HELL IN THE CHOIRSTAND is a revelation of the power that music possesses and how faith in God restores and upholds a people, a city, and the world.

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Author: Keleigh Crigler Hadley 
Title: What You Won’t Do For Love 
Genre: Christian Fiction 
Book releases nationwide August 18, 2015
 Publisher: Brown Girls Publishing 

About the Author

keleigh headshot2

Keleigh Crigler Hadley is an author, speaker, and teacher who is thankful God can use her messes for His glory. She has always loved stories, and she believes the story of the Bible contains the biggest, the most redemptive dose of grace humankind has ever, and will ever, experience. She is the Christian Fiction author of the Preacher's Kids series, Revenge Inc., and What You Won't Do for Love with Brown Girls Faith. If she were to define herself in one sentence, she would say, "I'm a girl who loves to see God working." Keleigh writes soul-stirring fiction, with real characters that stay with readers long after they have closed the book, (or turned the e-reader off.) The only thing she loves more than writing is reading, so contact her on social media and let her know what you're reading!

About the book



Eden Price, an unlucky-in-love nurse finds herself in the midst of a heated love triangle. Globe-trotting missionary, Gabe Clark ignites her soul. Who doesn't want a man with a connection to God? Hard-working, Nemo Gates speaks to her heart. His past has caused a rift between him and God and Eden wants to help him heal. She ultimately chooses the man that makes her passions come alive, butdid she make the right choice? Her husband stuns her with a desperate plea; to prove her love for him in the most unthinkable way - to help him die with dignity.  “There goes that Price girl again.” Verdeen Washington exclaimed to her hard-of-hearing sister, Pearleen. They rocked in unison, in the twilight air on their front porch. Eden Price noted the puzzlement in Verdeen’s booming voice as she steadily passed them by. Heck, the whole neighborhood could hear it. “She’s a strange bird, if I ever saw one.” Pearleen looked over her thick glasses and pursed her wrinkled lips. “Good evening, Washington sisters.” Eden smiled, nodded and kept her legs pumping. She knew they shook their gray wigs as she passed them, but her jogging pace didn’t diminish and she kept on singing. She knew she was a sight to see and hear. “Wishing, and hoping and thinking and praying... planning and dreaming each night of his charms…” That’s it, Dionne. Eden sang the tune to Dionne Warwick’s 1950’s classic song. The lyrics had been stuck on repeat in her head all day and the only way to get a song out, is to sing it. So in between breaths, she belted out the infectious tune. So Dionne, is this the formula for catching a man? The cushion in her Nike trainers flattened and rebounded as she reduced her pace from a slow jog to a brisk walk. She was two blocks from home and needed to start her cool down. “ the things he likes to do… wear your hair just for him… 'cause you won’t get him, thinking, and praying, and wishing, and hoping...” Her worn out sports bra allowed too much jiggle and wiggle room for her girls. She could never hope to get a good run in anymore wearing three year-old running shoes and a five year-old bra, but budget constraints did not allow for such luxuries. Eden adjusted ‘Ben and Jerry’ again to the safe confines of her bra, before she was arrested for exposing herself. Eden hunched over for a moment to catch her breath. Just a few more feet to go. She righted herself, hit her corner, and turned at the intersection of Third ave and 33rd place. Three threes. The number meant something to her father, God rest his soul. It was his favorite number and one of the reasons he purchased a house on this block. But today, the number three held relevance to Eden too. This was her thirty-third year of life, she was suffering from her third night of insomnia, and on March third, in three days her life would change - “for better or worse.

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Theresa A. Campbell Guest Author Interview by Cheryl Holloway

God Has Spoken_Cover
Title: God Has Spoken
Genre: Christian Fiction
After finding the biological mother who abandoned her as a baby, learning the identity of her birth father and her biological brother, Dupree is left distraught and betrayed. Like a volcano about to erupt, she vows to have nothing to do with her newly discovered family—so help her God! However, if Dupree’s mother, Tiny, has anything to say about it, Dupree won’t be able to keep that vow.
How does a former teenaged runaway become a wealthy, sophisticated business executive? Tiny’s quest for happiness and independence in Kingston, Jamaica, has taken her on a life-altering journey through hell. After a vicious attack and a serious sickness that leaves her fighting for her life in the hospital, Tiny prays for death . . . but then God speaks. Will she listen to His voice? What exactly is He saying?
Theresa Campbell
Author:  Theresa A. Campbell
CH: I would like to welcome Theresa A. Campbell to my website. She is an upcoming author who writes stories from the heart. Welcome Theresa. 
CH: Please tell us in one sentence, why we should read your book. 
TAC: God Has Spoken is an inspiring Christian Fiction book, delivering soul-fulfilling entertainment that will resonate with my readers because we have all had those moments when we are surprised by the Word.
CH: Since this is your second book, when you are coming up with a new idea for a book, do you look at the market for trends? Or do you just write your own story?
TAC: I usually write my own story. These are stories that I feel compelled to share with my readers.  The stories come from my head and my heart, and I hope they will accomplish what I intend, which is: to inspire, motivate and entertain my readers. And believe me when I tell you, there are a lot of stories swimming around in my head. I just need to put them on paper, so to speak, and get them out there.
CH: Tell us a little bit about your book. Where did you get the premise for that story? 
TAC: God Has Spoken is actually the sequel to my first book, Are You There, God?,which I wrote at a very difficult time in my life.  My beloved uncle, who was like a father to me, died suddenly.  Just before my uncle died, we had a conversation about my dreams, and some of the things I wanted to do in my life. Well, I always wanted to be a writer, but it seemed so far-fetched at the time that I tucked it away in the back of my mind for years. However, in losing my uncle, I realized that life is too short and I had to give this a shot. So writing this story was very therapeutic for me, and also helped me to go after my dream of becoming a published author.
The story contains over 60 percent of my life. Are You There, God? tells the story of a young girl, Dupree, in rural Jamaica who was abandoned by her teenage mother and didn’t know her biological father. Raised by her grand-aunt with no electricity, running water and little money, she faces constant struggles including a brutal betrayal. Wrestling one storm after the other, Dupree often wondered if God was there for her. When Dupree meets the mother she never knew and learns the identity of her father, readers are left with many questions. Readers want to know her mother’s story, so this led to the book, God Has Spoken.
God Has Spoken tells the story of Dupree’s mother, Tiny. Why did she run away and leave her baby? It answers a question that so many of us deal with on a daily basis, ‘how hard is it to forgive?’ Naturally, Dupree feels she could never forgive her parents for abandoning her. But we all know there are always two sides to every the story, and Tiny shares hers in this new book. It was Tiny’s ambition to gain independence and live happily in the city. When her dreams and body are shattered, she prays for death. How did she go from living on the streets of Kingston to becoming a wealthy business executive? The story reveals how and Tiny finds out that it’s not over until God has spoken.
CH: Where do your ideas come from? Do you have a standard formula for plots or do stories come to you as a whole concept? 
TAC: A lot of ideas come from my own personal experience in life, people I interact with and situations that I’ve observed. I also get ideas from stories I have heard, whether it’s directly from someone, or something I have seen on television. I’m the type of person who will look at a situation and mentally develop different scenarios or other possible outcomes. So right then and there, I’m creating a different story from the one that’s unfolding or had unfolded. I really do have a wild imagination. I love creating conflicts, and resolving them by incorporating the character’s faith in God. I know it sounds like a cliché, but I strongly believe that all things are possible with God. I really do.
CH: What is different and exciting that you bring to your readers through your Christian writing?
TAC: I’ll always keep it real in my writing. Even though we’re Christians and believers, we are still human and we live in an imperfect world and deal with everyday problems. So, readers will always be able to relate to my characters and the challenges they face because chances are, they too have been there or know of someone who has.
I love to create suspense in my writing. When I’m writing a story it’s like going down a road with numerous twists and turns and different exits and not knowing which one I’m going to take. This makes it even more unpredictable and exhilarating. I can never predict how my stories will end. I usually have a general idea, but I’ll be writing and then I’ll begin to wonder, ‘what if this happened instead?’ And once that thought pops up, I’m off on another road all together that just keeps building into something climatic! This unpredictability will keep the readers on their toes.
Also, I should note that so far, all my stories are set in Jamaica, West Indies. One of my favorite writing techniques is descriptive writing. So, my readers will experience the Jamaican culture through my stories. They will be enticed to visit the island of paradise and sample some of the delicious Jamaican cuisine mentioned in my books. In fact, one reader told me that while she was reading my books she felt as if she was in the islands. Who doesn’t want to get away from everyday life once in a while, even if it’s through the pages of a book? The readers are definitely in for a treat (pun intended). LOL.
CH: Since you are from Jamaica, how much influence does your background have on this book?
TAC: This book is enriched with the Jamaican culture and my experience living there. The story is fiction, but this makes it even more personal when I write about places I’ve been. It’s almost as if I’m back in Jamaica and I’m walking through the streets of Half Way Tree or Downtown Kingston. I can still visualize the different sights, the sounds, and the people, and as such, I’m able to give beautiful, picturesque descriptions of my characters and the setting. The reader will be engrossed in the story, with a vivid picture of the setting in their mind.
CH: Forgiveness is extremely hard for most people. Why did you decide to write about this issue?
TAC: I decided to write about forgiveness because it’s an issue that so many people deal with on a daily basis, myself included. I wanted to specifically look at the question, ‘how hard is it to forgive?’ I know we all should forgive, and it’s required of Christians, and a few people may be able to do so instantaneously. But as you noted forgiveness is extremely hard for most people, and I do believe it’s a process. There are some wounds that are just so deep, they will take a while to heal, but eventually they do. Forgiveness is not a 100 meter sprint all the time. Sometimes,  it’s like a marathon that will take a few laps. You will get tired, dehydrated and need to rest along the way. But if you just pace yourself and continue to run the race, you will eventually cross that finish line!
I want my readers to know that when you forgive, you’re not doing it for the person who had hurt you. You’re doing it for YOU. It’s such a great feeling when you can finally let go of the pain and free yourself by forgiving someone. It’s like a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulder and you can now move on with your life and the awesome future that God has in store for you.
CH: Since this is a sequel to Are You There, God, can this book be read as a stand-alone book?
TAC: Yes, it definitely can be read as a stand-alone. In fact, I’ve gotten emails and great reviews from readers who have read God Has Spoken first, and were getting ready to read Are You There, God?
CH: Which book was hardest to write?
TAC: Definitely God Has Spoken. As I have mentioned before, Are You There, God? has a lot of my life story in it and to be honest, I wasn’t planning on writing a sequel. But the story took on a life of its own and developed in a way I never expected. So my editor pointed out that the readers are going to want to read Tiny’s story and I agreed. So, I had to go back and think really hard about how I wanted the story to end, while using a theme that will have an impact on the readers. Also, I had to write the story so it can be read as a stand-alone, and in the same breath I didn’t want to repeat too much of the first book. Finding that balance was a little challenging, especially as this was my first time writing a sequel. But I got into it and gave it my all, and I’m very proud of my book. In fact, I had a discussion with a book club and someone asked if I had written the story and divided it into two books. She noted that the second book just picked up exactly where the first book ended and everything flowed so smoothly! That was very nice to hear.
CH: Why did you decide to write this book?
TAC: I once heard and do believe that each person is at any given time in one of the following phases in life: going through a storm, just gotten out of a storm, or getting ready to go into a storm. So, I decided to write this book to inspire others as they deal with their storms. It’s my desire that my readers’ faith in God will be uplifted once they have read the hell that Tiny had gone through, and the way God shows up in her situations time and time again. Like Tiny, we all have our fair share of trials and sometimes may even feel like giving up. But as the title of the book says, it’s not over until God has spoken. He has the final say in our lives, and everything will be done according to His will. God loves us. Yes, He really does!
CH: Who was your favorite character to write?
TAC: Dupree was my favorite character to write because I could relate to her on a personal level. Dupree took me back to times in my life that I had to revisit and cry all over again. Ghosts were resurrected, and pain resurfaced, as old wounds came undone. Through her, I was able to reminisce about the good old days, crying one minute, then laughing the next. Writing about Dupree was a roller coaster ride that I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world. I admire Dupree a lot for her strength, courage and survival instincts. She’s an exemplary young lady.
CH: Which character was hardest to write?
TAC: Tiny was the hardest character to write. She was a little fire cracker growing up, as was my intent to make her different from her daughter in some ways. Not only did I have to find a reason why this teenage mother ran away, but why it took nineteen years for her to see her daughter again. The things Tiny went through were horrible. I was crying while writing some of the scenes, but knew it was important to do so. I also wanted to show the negative effects of peer pressure, underage drinking and drugs, and the consequences for Tiny’s action. But in the long run, I wanted her to be an overcomer with God by her side.
CH: What is your key piece of advice for new writers?
TAC: Keep on going. You will get discouraged, as I do at times. However, if writing is what you want to do and you’re passionate about it, keep at it until you get the results you want. Writing is my own little ministry. I can’t preach, I can’t sing outside the shower, but I can write a book that will touch the lives of those who read it, and reinforce the love of God to them. Also, new writers should remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Writing a book can be a long, weary process but the reward is well worth it in the end.
CH: Did you get a two-book contract with Urban Christian Books? What’s next for you?
TAC: I did get a two-book contract with Urban Christian Books and I’ve fulfilled that contract with Are you There, God? and God Has Spoken. Unfortunately, Urban Christian Books was acquired by Random House and dissolved. However, I’m happy to say I’ve signed with a new publishing company; Brown Girls.  My third novel, His Final Deal will be published by them and is tentatively set to be released November, 2015. I’m very excited about this.
CH: What are your three biggest accomplishments as a writer?
TAC: One of my biggest accomplishments as a writer is successfully writing three full length books—and counting. Next is becoming a published author so my books can reach and motivate readers near and far. Last, and very important, is the positive effect my books have on many readers as they make known to me through their personal testimonies and reviews. I’m sharing what I know about God with my readers and they are being receptive to it. That’s the beauty of it all, and I’m so humbled and happy about it.
CH: Can you tell my audience your website address?
TAC: My website is: www.TheresaACampbell.comPlease feel free to contact me and share your thoughts about my books. I would love hearing from you!
CH: Can you tell my audience where your books are sold?
TAC: My books are sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and bookstores nationwide. They are available in paperback and as ebooks. Please go and get your copy!   Amazon Link:
CH: Any closing remarks?
TAC: Cheryl, I want to thank you for the opportunity to share my book with your audience. I really do appreciate it. And to your audience, I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to books, including the many bestsellers available. But I’m hoping you’ll give me the ‘little guy’ a chance and try my books. I can assure you it will be worth your while! God bless you all.
CH: Thank you Theresa A. Campbell.  We look forward to following your writing career. 

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Author: Leila Tualla
Book Title: Love, Defined 
Paperback: 242 pages 
ISBN-10: 1680582313 
 Publication Date: August 4, 2015 
 Genre: Christian YA Romance

About The Author
Leila Tualla is a Christian blogger and writer. She blogs at and writes about her misadventures in faith, in motherhood, and whatever else inspires her. She holds a membership to the American Christian Fiction Writer. Her current project is a YA Christian Romance.
About The Book

Into their final summer before graduating college, three childhood friends, Alex Makapulo, Lori Hanson, and Andy Taylor had each expected an uncomplicated transition to adulthood. Alex had recently professed her love for Christ and is toying with the idea of leaving the Catholic Church and becoming a member of her best friend, Jack Page’s church. Jack wonders what is keeping Alex from being baptized and fully accepting a new life with Christ. Alex wonders the same thing and believes that she needs to be 100 % in her conviction before fully committing to a new Christian life. Like everyone she has doubts and wants to make sure she’s doing the right thing in her spiritual walk. Her new found beliefs disconnects her from her roommates and while they feel she is intentionally separating herself from them, to Alex, she is trying to figure out what is Christian and what isn’t. For Lori’s twenty-second birthday, her grandfather Pete Hanson presented her with a summer vacation to England. While looking up various tourist spots, she meets and befriends Colin Watson, a British musician, online who then suggest they meet when she lands in London. They hit it off instantly but Pete is angry and believes that she only used him as a means to meet Colin. When he finds out that Lori met Colin online, he forbids Lori from seeing Colin entirely. Lori, who has fallen in love with Colin, is heartbroken. Pete threatens to leave England with Lori’s passport. Colin and Lori try to arrange meetups where they can see each other but Pete catches on. Lori takes this as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. She unhappily finishes her trip with Pete and goes home vowing not to forgive her grandfather. Andy reconnects with her old crush, Miles Webber and decides she wants a more meaningful relationship with him. She tells Alex about the situation and Alex truthfully tells Andy that Miles only wanted her for sex. This angers Andy and she walks out of the apartment. Andy ends up walking to the coffeehouse and comes up with an idea to throw a surprise birthday party for Alex. She believes that if Alex and Jack were to hook up, the focus would shift from Miles and her. Andy spikes all the drinks for Alex’s party and leaves her friend while she goes in search of Miles. He shows up at the bar with another girl. In an effort to soothe her wounded ego, she goes home with someone else. When she wakes up the next day, she realizes she’s in bed with Alex’s young boss from the coffeehouse, David Roberts, Jr. They return home from their trip with Alex asking Jack to baptize her. Andy confronts David and Lori both forgives and asks for forgiveness from Pete.

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