Monday, June 30, 2014

Are You There, God? Compelling Christian Fiction Novel, Set in Rural Jamaica, Proves God is Always There!

Are You There, God? Compelling Christian Fiction Novel, Set in Rural Jamaica Proves God is Always There…

Diligently crafted by Theresa A. Campbell, ‘Are You There, God?’ fuses faith and culture to take readers deep inside rural Jamaica and the life of one struggling young woman. Serving as a microcosm of everyone’s adversity, protagonist Dupree soon comes to accept that God is always there for His children, even though His presence cannot always be felt. It’s a bold reminder to readers that staying close to one’s faith is the ultimate savior.

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New York City, New York While Christian Fiction has seen something of boom in popularity as of late, most narratives for a North American audience focus on fresh-faced protagonists who often battle perceived adversity against their privilege. However, a bold and powerful new novel by author Theresa A. Campbell is bucking the trend by setting her story of wisdom in rural Jamaica, a part of the world where privilege is often non-existent.

‘Are You There, God?’ melds a thought-provoking story of faith with a cultural education to leave readers in a new light about God and their relationship with him.


As a young woman in rural Jamaica, Dupree struggles to maintain a home for herself and the ailing aunt who is raising her after she was abandoned by her teenage mother. The effort of life with no electricity, running water, or money often leaves Dupree battered and bruised, but she refuses to be defeated. She might have been forced to grow up too fast, but she will not succumb to the wiles of the devil, choosing instead to rely on the power of Almighty God to help her through.

After a brutal attack that takes her to hell and back, Dupree must reach for her inner strength once again to survive. Her journey for a better life leads her to Kingston, a city some people refer to as "Jamaica's Sodom and Gomorrah." There, she sees and experiences things beyond her imagination. Dupree seeks comfort in the arms of her Prince Charming--but he might just be a wolf in sheep's clothing. 

Caught up in a web of lies and betrayal, Dupree fights to save her life. In pure desperation, she seeks an answer to her question, "Are you there, God?" Will she be around to hear His response, or will it be too late?

“Ultimately, my story proves that God is always there for us – especially when we’re struggling the most,” says Campbell. “Of course, we may not always feel His presence and we may often question if He is actually there at all – but the story of Dupree will help anyone accept His omnipresence.”

Continuing, “This book is vitally important as the story plays out in a setting that is vastly different from civilized America, where I expect to sell most of my books. We often dwell on our adversity and perceived lack of divine intervention in a country where we’re afforded great privilege. Stripping the narrative down so that it plays out in a setting where most have nothing was vital to make God’s omnipresence obvious. I hope readers turn the last page feeling empowered to grow closer to their faith.”

Since its release, the novel has garnered rave reviews. For example, Vanessa Abron comments, “This book was amazing from beginning to end.... It was exciting interesting and most of all a INSPIRATION...... I recommend this book very highly it's a must read. We must always keep in mind no matter what we may be going through GOD IS ALWAYS THERE...”

Rose was equally as impressed, adding, “This book was very exciting and interesting besides being inspirational. It confirms that with faith and determination, one can get through life's struggles, no matter what are the circumstances, you can talk to God and never give up. One has to be strong and believe that God is always there, watching over us.”

‘Are You There, God?’ is available now:

About the Author:
Theresa A. Campbell was born and raised in Jamaica West Indies. She received her associate's degree in business administration from Bronx Community College, a bachelor's degree in business administration from Baruch College, and a master's degree in business administration from Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Theresa has had a deep passion for reading ever since she was a child. It is her desire to inspire readers with her stories by uplifting their faith in God.